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Novel Dual Cell Therapy
for Wound Healing

Co-encapsulated insulin-producing cells (IPCs) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in a hydrogel dressing expedites wound healing and decreases scar formation

Releasing growth and regenerative factors over a 3 week period increased wound closure rates by 270% in diabetic mice, with wounds healing in 14 days without scars.


U.S. Patent #11,278,597

Intellectual property rights are secured for this dual cell hydrogel technology in the United States, and patent-pending in the European Union, safeguarding this technology on an international scale.


Insulin-Producing Cells

Insulin assists wound healing by activating pathways that stimulate the migration of skin cells and 

recruit mesenchymal stem cells to the wound area.


Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Also known as Adult Stem Cells, MSCs regulate immune and inflammatory responses, release growth factors and matrix proteins, and recruit other necessary cells.


Hydrogel Matrix

The hydrogel moisturizes the affected area, absorbing and retaining wound fluid, which supplies the cells with nutrients and allows for waste exchange.


Meet the Inventor

Dr. Ronke Olabisi

Dr. Olabisi’s team conducted the studies that led to patenting this dual-cell hydrogel wound healing technology!
Not only is she the brains behind this innovative cell therapy, but she has harnessed her combined education and research in Biomedical, Mechnical, and Aerospace Engineering to become a visionary for human space exploration.

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